Academic Leadership Positions

Below are chronological lists of leadership positions held.

Chair, Northwestern Department of Performance Studies, 2021-present

Executive Co-Editor, Dance Research Journal, 2021-present

Chair, OSU Dept. of Dance, 2020-2021

Interim Chair, UCSD Dept. of Theater and Dance, 2016

President, Congress on Research in Dance (CORD), 2012-2016

Founding Executive Board Member, The Collegium For African Diaspora Dance (CADD), 2012-present

Acting Associate Dean, University of California, San Diego, 2010

Vice Chair, UCSD Dept. of Theater and Dance, 2006-2007


Below are chronological lists of courses, separated by institution.



Theories and Methods for Dance Studies (2020)

Devised Theatre Acting Practicum (2020)

Devising New Theatre Works Production (2020)

African American Choreographers (2019)

Devised Theater (2019)

Introduction to Theater (2018)

Research Methods (Theater) (2018)

Performing Bodies/Bodies in Performance (2019)

Dance Dramaturgy (2019)

University of California, San Diego

Dimensions of Culture (2015)

Practice-as-Research (PhD) (2015)
Feminist Theory and Performance (2014)

Dance Theater (PhD) (2013)

Children’s Theater (2013)

Black Global Cultural Traffic (PhD) (2012)

Experimental Theater (2012)

The Films of Spike Lee (2010)

The Body and Performance (PhD) (2010)

Introduction to Doctoral Studies in Theater and Performance (PhD) (2012) (2011) (2010) (2006)

American Drama (2009) (2011) (2013) (2015)

African American Theater (2011) (2008) (2007) (2005)

Theater History 3 (2007)

Theater History 1 (2008) (2006) (2005)

Play Analysis (2006)

Introduction to Theater (2006)

Ethnicity and Performativity (PhD) (2006)

African American Film (2006) (2011)

African American Theater (PhD) (2005) (2011) (2014)

Storytelling (2005) (2011)

Dance Improvisation (2004)

History of Modern Dance (2004) (2005)

Gender and Performance (PhD) (2003)

Columbia University

History and Theory of Theatre (2014)


Stanford University

Cultural Traffic: Race, Performance, and Globalization (2010)

Race and Performance (2010)

African American Drama (2010)


Georgetown University

Adaptation for Performance (2008)

Play Analysis: Contemporary African American Theater (2008)

Cross-Cultural Performance Traditions (2007)


Yale University

African American Theater (2002) (2001) (1999)

Performance Art (2002) (2000)

History of Dance (2001) (2000) (1999)

Theater in Education and Community Service (2001) (2000)

Survey of Drama and Exploring Performance II (2000)

Survey of Drama and Exploring Performance I (1999)

Exploring Performance (1999)

Directing (1998)

Survey of Drama (1998)


Northwestern University

Introduction to African American Theater (1998)

National High School Institute--Instructor of acting, physical performance, acting, voice, movement, dance, choreography and African-American theater and dance (1996, 1995, 1992)

Northwestern Integrated Arts (Modes of Theater): Co-instructor (with Johannes Birringer) of theater history, theory and practicum (1996)

Northwestern Integrated Arts (Modes of Dance): Co-instructor (with Robin Lakes) of modern dance history, theory and practicum (1995)


Nadine George-Graves teaching choreography to student  Davianna Griffin, MFA