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“Moving Beyond the Movement”

Book review of 

A Sourcebook of African American Performance 

by Anna Bean


in Theater Magazine, 31.1

Durham: Duke University Press

May 2001

pp. 134-136 


Article excerpt


A Sourcebook of African-American Performance is a welcome, desperately needed compilation of writings on African American theatrical per- formance from the 1960s to the 1990s. The reader who can sift through the uneven contri- butions may find the seed of an interesting topic deserving further investigation. As a sourcebook, it is an eclectic selection of essays and plays that does not attempt to be compre- hensive in scope, nor does it attempt to tie the pieces together, align the works in support of a singular thesis, or put forth new arguments. The reason for the seemingly odd selection of essays, interviews, and plays is that all of the noncommissioned work has previously appeared in the Drama Review, which is an important resource but hardly the only one. 

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