Second Sites: Tales of Alternate Routes


adapted and co-directed with Allyson Green

Mandell Weiss Forum Studio, Molli & Arthur Wagner Dance Bldg's Studio III, and other environments

UC San Diego, 2006


Home is where the heart is, and the journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. Second Sites: Tales of Alternate Routes weaves together dance, theatre and found text to explore the importance of architecture, landscape and migration to the human soul. Marco Polo, Kublai Khan, Vitruvius, suburban homeowners and Haitian refugees among others make up the cast of characters who love, are torn apart and journey for solace. 


Directorial Vision: "I've wanted to do a piece about architecture for a long time because the buildings we construct say much about who we are. When we put buildings together and try to imagine communities we touch on a basic human need... to be near each other. Great societies build great buildings which eventually crumble and yield to new great societies. And on a smaller scale, we each have notions of home. Some of us stay in the same place, some of us never put down roots. These stories are about those who leave home and those who stay and the magical worlds we create for ourselves -- real and invisible."



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