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“Hey! Who Put the Politics in My Performance”

Book Review of 

The Routledge Reader in Politics and Performance 

by Lizbeth Goodman and Jane de Gay, eds.


in Modern Drama, 29.1

Toronto: University of Toronto Press

Summer 2003

pp. 312-316 


Article excerpt


The Routledge Reader in Politics alld Performance is an excellent text for anyone looking for an introduction to some of the most important theoretical perspectives on politics and performance. For scholars familiar with these major texts and ideas, it provides an opportunity to read earlier concepts alongside newer critical discourse. For scholars new to the work, the book is eminently readable and provides many sources for further inquiry. These selections (often a few pages from longer works) scrape the surface and whet the appetite. For an in-depth discussion of any of the issues, one needs to look elsewhere, as the text is meant to touch on topics and make connections, not delve deeply into one author's ideas. It is an important part of a much larger project. 

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