Afro/Solo/Man (working title)


Spoke the Hub's Director's Choice, 2015
(Dance Dramaturgy)

Afro-Solo-Man (working-title) is a multi-disciplinary mediation exploring the identities of individual Black men in relation to provocative themes like origins, nourishment, heritage, nature, and technology in the 21st century. It is a bio-mythography that uses multi-media, dance and storytelling to engage the audience in the personal journeys of three men who question and investigate the memory, life, death and connection to their ancestors while trying to change this cold, dry, lifeless world into a place where they can survive. This work lies at the nexus of environmental justice, the degradation of the Black family, identity and the government’s role in agricultural and media production. Ultimately, the omnipresence of the men’s mothers slip through time and space in unexpected ways, guiding the men in very different directions. These are not the stories of black men that we think we know. The performers challenge assumptions, provoke rethinking and are unafraid to take on all of our demons around, race, gender, sexuality and “brotherhood.” Dr. Nadine George-Graves is serving as a dance dramaturg assisting in the creation of this multi-narrative piece.



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